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    Who are we?

    Invest in yourself

    Our everyday lives constantly presents us with new challenges and demands top mental and physical performance. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not that easy and takes its toll on the human body in the long run.

    Here it is enormously important to pay attention to physical warning signals and to counter them preventively and health-promoting. Compared to conventional nutritional supplements or vitamin preparations, infusions can create a targeted benefit by reaching the system without detours and having a quick and lasting effect.

    ivilounge – your vitamin specialist

    ivilounge’s vitamin infusions, which are specially tailored to your individual needs, will help you to achieve a sustained improvement in your well-being and thus also to enhance your personal quality of life.

    The vitamin infusions à la carte are offered at a location in the most beautiful ambience in the center of Zurich, as well as via a mobile delivery service.

    All treatments are carried out in a highly professional manner, under the strictest supervision and in accordance with the applicable quality standards.

    Our high-quality products and services ensure a safe and optimal treatment experience.

    We look forward to inspire you!

    Ilaria Sollberger

    MA with infusion & PVK qualification
    B. Sc. in Health Promotion & Prevention

    Nicolas Hürlimann

    Bank clerk EFZ
    B. Sc. in Business Economics

    We are ivilounge a young company from Zurich. Together we bring experience and expertise in the fields of medicine, prevention and health promotion, as well as consulting and business management.

    In addition, we have a healthy portion of soft skills. Our customer and service-oriented approach, professionalism and high degree of flexibility are what set us apart.

    We are looking forward meeting you in person!

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