Where to find us?

We are currently in the process of designing our own exclusive location, but in the meantime we warmly welcome you to our cooperation and partner locations. In collaboration with our partners, we have put together a personalized package that combines the services of our partners with a vitamin infusion.



In collaboration with IVILOUNGE and SURYA INSTITUTE, a dedicated team of medical professionals and nutritionists offer tailor-made solutions to optimize your health.

We are delighted to present our exclusive special offer for the months of December to February 2023. Together we start into a healthier future on December 2nd! Further dates are Saturday December 9 & 16 and Saturday January 13 & 20 - February dates will be announced shortly.

Enjoy the ultimate relaxation experience with MIOMIO Relax Dry Floating in combination with our soothing infusion therapy. Float weightlessly on warm water and leave stress and worries behind you. Our high-quality infusions are specially tailored to your needs and help to restore your inner balance. Experience pure relaxation for body and mind with MIOMIO Relax.
Groove By B Seefeld
Groove by B, Groove and Ivilounge share a common passion for holistic wellbeing. We believe that true wellness encompasses not only the physical, but also the mental and emotional aspects. After the class, Groove customers can benefit from a blood test covered by their health insurance and also receive a free, personalized wellness and health consultation. With the purchase of a 10-pack, there is up to 15% off our services.
Linthescher health care

Immerse yourself in our modern and inviting location in the heart of Zurich, where health, well-being and knowledge come together harmoniously - a place that welcomes you warmly.
Our comprehensive services offer you a holistic approach to your health. Only 2 minutes from Zurich main station.

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